Weddings in Calgary !

Weddings in Calgary. We are so fortunate to have the beautiful seasons we do here in our beautiful Alberta city. Today, the leaves are falling with dainty charm, the wind is warm and the air is fresh. Just last week, the green trees were swaying under blue skies and a brilliant sun. No matter what…


My goose is not cooked !

And neither will yours be, by one corner restaurant in Calgary. It is a little place in the SW where only some of your favorite items will be able to continue on the menu, at least for awhile. Despite doing the homework, barriers were met when licensing requirements deemed the oven not suitable for roasting…


Heavy metal

is alive and happening…at the Lord Nelson. I had no idea bands still did this stuff. Here I am working away, sipping my tea and BAM …loud, hard, screaming. I enjoy every genre of music…on a Sunday afternoon, it is more usual to find me listening to Bach, some Jazz, maybe some Frank or Dean…


Whats happening at the shop?

We are very proud to share that local artists are working from and distributing their work from our shop in Calgary. This week, we are featuring the work of Samuel Bighetty. Samuel is a self taught aboriginal artist who has been painting for over twenty years. You can often find Samuel enjoying a cup of…


Enjoy the ride !

It was one of those quiet mornings today. When everything seems to stand still. The air felt fresh. We are a “green company” and do all we can to support this, so I am a transit taker, walker for the most part and we use bikes and pulleys as much as possible even for events…


The Cut to Kick Cancer

There are so many charities that need help and support. We can not always contribute financially, if ever. Sometimes we volunteer, share in a run, do what we can in other ways. Terry Fox was my hero. I remember watching him on television, devastated when the run and eventually his life ended. His legacy did…


We do not have a “day do over”

A complicated thought for first thing in the morning, however as I opened my eyes the idea that this is the only opportunity I will have to make September 6 , 2014 a fantastic day was the only thing I  could think of. We do not have “day do overs” , once we start the day,…


Hi I’m Cindy!

cindyI’d just like to personally welcome you to the Bling and Bites Blog.

Over time I plan on adding information and pictures of events we have co-ordinated. Stay tuned…

In the mean time please check out our Facebook page and see what we’ve been up to.

Intimate Dining Packages

We’ll take care of everything, you can relax and enjoy the moment

Our intimate dining packages are the perfect romantic experience.

We deliver the food, candles, table setup, even the wine and desert.

 All you do is enjoy!